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This site uses cookies to improve your experience. Tarot of Mademoiselle Lenormand. Astrology throughout the World. You will have to also pay more attention to spending and especially to losing money through scams or investments that can end up in failure. The financial situation gets improved especially in the first part of July Any extra money will be obtained through hard work. Between July 20 th and 25th ,you will receive valuable advice from a close person regarding the way they should manage their spending.

Professionally, in , you have the tendency of letting things go on their own. But they also can have countless moments when they get stuck on different plans and this is when they get very discouraged. The negative side of this aspect can lead you to excessive criticism, but also to a stuck imagination.

The best period for them will be during the summer when many projects can easily succeed. However, they need to pay more attention, especially during the times when Mercury is in a retrograde position. The best idea is to regain the faith in their own strength, to assume their mistakes and to move on. January 21, Full Moon in Leo: January is expected to be intense and hectic , but it can also bring satisfaction, including financially.

February 18, Sun enters Pisces: You are in a quite good shape in February , which means they have a lot of energy and an optimistic outlook on life. In addition, the home will feature energy efficient appliances that will save the homeowner on bills, according to Taylor Brantley, project manager at Citadel Recovery Services.

Housing Finance Agency for the construction of new affordable housing in hurricane-affected areas.

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There are CDBG-DR-funded home construction projects underway and completed across the state with more than 1, homeowners who have been awarded grants. Additionally, three houses have been completed in Fairmont and three more homes are in the process of reconstruction in the town, according to Schaubhut. So, right on. Fair well to the 73rd annual edition October 07, Open day and night, Saturday has become one of the hottest tickets at the fair.

Young children, parents and grandparents streamed in during daylight hours, and the bright lights of the midway at night are reserved for teens. We have a rack of ribs to take home. The fair provides work for many Robesonians like Alonda Townsend, who worked the parking lot every day in the heat.

Inside, the livestock barn was doing a booming business. Six teenagers were competing in the 4H Heifer and Steer Show in front of a large audience. They were all winners; I gave them all blue ribbons. Young children enjoyed the baby ducks and chicks as well as other exhibits in the Livestock Barn.

There was something for everyone, including adults. A few drops of rain brought many people inside to see the exhibits.

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Grant Hunt Sr. Outside, the smell of cooking food was overwhelmingly tempting. Collard Corner cooks their collards on site and makes the cornbread from scratch. Venus Locklear was hard at it, making cornbread just as she did all week. Was she hot and tired after nine days? Attendance as of Friday was 12, ahead of last year, which was hampered by Hurricane Florence.

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Attendance topped 45, Thursday and Friday nights. Rogers was preparing for the night show of the Rising Stars Talent Contest. A fair board member, she has worked the fair for 30 years and shows no signs of letting up. Crime report October 07, Alejandro Hernandez, Mt. Billy Locklear, Oakland Road, St. Roberts Ave. Facebook Twitter. News Ticker. Next Medicaid begins transition to managed-care model. No action was taken on Wooten despite rumors some board members wanted to remove her. Reach Scott Bigelow at or bigelow yahoo.

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Light refreshments and candles will be provided at the event. Staff report. The Robesonian has heard that from multiple sources. Wooten was an assistant superintendent before being named interim. The Robesonian will update this story as information warrants. Jonathan Locklear spoke in favor of the ordinance. The 3,square-foot splash pad park would be located at the Pembroke Recreation Complex. The council members also: — Approved a request from Lamar Advertising to rezone a portion of land on N.

Bobby Brayboy asks the Pembroke Town Council Monday to allow him an extended time frame to sell Native American artifacts during the holidays. Tomeka Sinclair can be reached at tsinclair robesonian. Others residents are also concerned about traffic and school safety.

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Commissioner Raymond Cummings cited past controversies regarding mining projects. The county will look to the state for funding from flood mitigation programs. Scott Bigelow Staff writer. Cooper visits for look at rebuild effort October 07, ST. Resiliency Week. Roy Cooper Monday at the construction site of her new home as her neighbor Maria del Socorro Cristina Mercado looks on. You deal with pressures rather well, and you are able to right yourself quickly when things do go wrong.

Inside, you are passionate and ardent.

Your sensitivity and your emotional nature are not very apparent on the surface of things. You have the ability to stick to a project and make sure it functions properly. Determined and quietly bold, you have what it takes to succeed in life. You are able to look within for answers, and often do, yet reaching out to others and making social connections also comes fairly easily to you. You are quietly ambitious, and a strong sense that you will achieve can carry you far. You are more adaptable than most Scorpios, yet you are determined in whatever ignites your passions.

You perhaps appear to be more versatile than you actually are. You possess your own unique vision, and you are not a conformist. Driven by a quiet sense of a personal mission, if you follow your intuition, success is almost guaranteed.

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If You Were Born Today, November 6: You are a dynamic, passionate person who has a lot to give, but who also expects the same level of commitment in return. You are determined to follow through on your own commitments and responsibilities, and you generally do what it takes to achieve your goals.

Your charisma sets you apart from others, and you find that others quite easily respect you.

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  • You are somewhat of a perfectionist, and your tendency to try to control things is most apparent in your career and on the home front. Your distaste for the superficial is marked. If You Were Born Today, November 7: You have a mysterious aura about you, although others sense that you are determined, opinionated, and strong nevertheless, which you are. Your views are progressive and you think outside of the box. A conformist, you definitely are not!

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    There is a dreamy side to you. You are a visionary who is especially sensitive to injustices. On a personal level, you often feel misunderstood. However, on some level, you enjoy being somewhat elusive or puzzling.


    Personal relationships are a part of your life in which you experience many ups and downs. Not always easy to live with, you can sometimes be quite set in your ways. You hold onto things and people tenaciously, and sometimes do so even when they no longer offer you growth opportunities.

    Self-employment is best for you, as you have your own way of doing things. You are very perceptive and intuitive, and your dedication is tremendous. Persistence is one of your finest traits. You can also be quite stubborn! Your mind is such that you absorb a lot of diverse information and you can be a jack of all trades.

    You are a true problem solver.

    Your sarcastic sense of humor can be biting at times.