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Horary astrology is probably the oldest, and most complex forms of astrology and it deals with finding an answer or outcome to a specific question.

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Technically, horary astrology follows strict rules around interpretation using traditional rulerships. One of the most important considerations in horary is that the person asking the question must have a valid and sincere need to know the answer! To provide you timing for life decisions or developmental directions. Enabling insight about how to maximise your resources to excel personally and professionally.

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Copyright Disclaimer Terms and Conditions. Paramahana Yogananda: Autobiography of a Yogi The child is born on that day and at that hour, when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma… But the Natal chart can be rightly interpreted only by men [and women] of intuitive wisdom; these are few.

Previous Next. Welcome to the Home of Astrology Matters! Natal Astrology modern psychological astrology Astrologers interpret the horoscope symbols and the relationships they have to each other in terms of human behaviour. Astrology can be dated as far back as the 2nd Millennium BCE, several cultures such as the Hindus, Maya and the Chinese have attached great importance to this study.

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Astrology is gaining fast prominence in New Zealand and below are some of the organisations that are involved in Astrology —. Visit their website at Christchurch showhomes. Skip to content Home.

Rather than dealing with the essentials, some schools get lost in the ether. In short, it becomes more mythology than astrology. We hope to take the ' mist out of the myth' and put the ' ology back into astrology'. We might encourage meditation in private - but during school hours we're all about education.

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And we consider real 'experiential astrology' is in the doing, not acting the part. So if you're a purist for astrology, then it could be time to get Sirius about your studies.

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The experience of over a thousand hourly plus consultations and countless hours of researching allows us to eliminate what doesn't work and refine what does. This school is the evolving product of practicing professionals.

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Ed Tamplin is an internationally acclaimed astrologer specialising in mundane astrology. Ed has a client base that extends to the USA, where his works are also frequently published.

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Ed's two-hour astrology segment, heard every Saturday night on 2GB's Steve Murphy Show, has become Sydney's top rating radio program in its timeslot. Between consultations, he combines a busy media schedule with public lectures and teaching at the Sirius School of Astrology. Sherrynne is an internationally published writer and has lectured extensively on a number of subjects throughout Australia.

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  7. Whether you're learning for self-awareness or professional certification the Sirius School has a commitment to your education based on the following course structure. We start from the source. You rediscover the wonders of the past and how the ancient Sumerians and Babylonians mastered the cycles of the sky, laying the foundations of a celestial science, further developed by the Egyptians and Ancient Greeks. Sirius teaches the mechanics of the heavens - the astronomical components central to a thorough grounding in your study.

    Understand the night sky, Moon phases, planetary cycles and cross-cultural understanding of the starry constellations.